Selling Tips for Pricing Your Home

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During most of 2022, home sellers received offers from buyers willing to pay above the list price. The market has changed for 2023, and it's still a great time to sell. Some buyers need to buy versus those buyers thinking about making a move. One thing to remember is that every home needs one buyer to close. While the idea of multiple offers gives a seller choices, the house needs one serious and qualified buyer at the end of the day. Appeal to the masses and sell to the buyer who loves it.

If you are looking to sell in 2023, keep this in mind:

  • Price your home for the serious buyers in the market. Inflating your price so you can negotiate down is counterintuitive.
  • Prices are driven by supply and demand. Demand did decrease late last year after prices and interest rates rose simultaneously.
  • The downward trend of interest rates will bring buyers back to the market, so make sure your home list price reflects what will draw showings and offers.
  • Sellers who are flexible in their negotiations will make the sale.
  • Besides location, first impressions rank at the top of the list. If possible, make those minor cosmetic updates, tackle repairs, and deferred maintenance.

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