JAX Realty Texas
JAX Realty Texas

Are you facing foreclosure?

It's challenging to be in this situation and the daily stress. Nobody wants to sell their home under these circumstances because they worry about where they will go. We understand that, however, doing nothing early sets the wheels of the foreclosure process in motion, and suddenly it's real. Sixty days away now seems like you have time, but action is necessary. Early intervention is best. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, no matter where you are in the process. 

Did you receive a notice of default?

Did you receive an auction date?

How Do I Stop Foreclosure? Could you talk to your loan servicing company right away? We can talk to your lender with your permission. Let's go ahead and get started if there is a way to avoid it through loan modification or short-sale.

text "FC Help" to 713-562-7737

If you have exhausted your options with the lender and have received an Auction Sale Notice, we need to act fast to save your credit from foreclosure. If there is time for a traditional sale, we can do that or sell to an investor while you retain seller representation with a JAX Realty agent.

Call now at 713-562-7737 we are here to help.